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All Souls Anglican Church

All Souls Anglican Church replaces the combined St Mary’s and St Matthew’s churches, both damaged and demolished as a result of the damaging earthquakes in Canterbury during 2010 & 2011. The brief called to retain existing trees, provide a low maintenance asset and considerate of sustainability initiatives. The central chapel is a pivotal link between external and internal through the welcoming foyer space. Within the chapel the past is reflected with a display of original stained-glass windows recovered from the original churches and restored piece-by-piece to their original condition. Acoustic plasterboard walls double as a resemblance to the ‘river of life’ in the shape of Canterbury’s Waimakariri braided river.



Barnes Beagley Doherr is built on a legacy reaching decades back into the world of quantity surveying in New Zealand. In 2013 Simon Barnes, Scott Beagley and David Doherr chose to challenge the traditional corporate model and started a new company built around clients, good people and an environment that supports both.

Today that legacy endures, and we continue to exceed expectations where we are considered the best in the business. We’ve grown to 40+ people reaching into every corner of the construction sector.

Covering the length of our country from north to south we still take pride in keeping it personal and keeping our clients at the centre of carrying out our service.

We can’t ever know what the future holds, but we do know we have the people and resources to play our part in shaping that future.