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Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery School

The school is located within the Christchurch CBD and can accommodate approximately 800 students. Ao Tawhiti’s unique urban location presented an opportunity for alternative and creative design solutions to be adopted to allow maximum engagement with the city and use it to complement the indoor learning environment. The central atrium, stairwell, social and eating spaces create the heart of the school, and the learning communities on each floor enable the building to work as a whole. Internally, learning space is created for flexibility, versatility, and agility through a combination of specialist and general spaces. The rooms are specifically designed to create engaging spaces that support experimental and inquiry-based learning.



Barnes Beagley Doherr is built on a legacy reaching decades back into the world of quantity surveying in New Zealand. In 2013 Simon Barnes, Scott Beagley and David Doherr chose to challenge the traditional corporate model and started a new company built around clients, good people and an environment that supports both.

Today that legacy endures, and we continue to exceed expectations where we are considered the best in the business. We’ve grown to 40+ people reaching into every corner of the construction sector.

Covering the length of our country from north to south we still take pride in keeping it personal and keeping our clients at the centre of carrying out our service.

We can’t ever know what the future holds, but we do know we have the people and resources to play our part in shaping that future.